Ozbulk Double Braided Cords

  • Polyester Double Braided cord is a multi braided/plaited cord which is made of the highest type of
  • POY (Pre Oriented Yarn) from 100 % Polyester continous filaments and ours has the highest strength in the market which is 9.2 GPD (Grams per denier). Abrasion rsistant in wet an dry conditions, with low to medium elongation
  • It is extremely strong, and Polyester is naturally UV stabilised, not reactive to most chemicals and has a very good and solid structure, easy to handle as well as being low stretch. These charactenstics make it suitable for a variety usages, such as, General use, Yachting, Boating, Towing, Haulage, Horse and Cattle leads, Pet leads and many, many more.


The White colour could be solid white or with tracers, as below.

Red/Red/Red which is 3 traces of Red colour. 6mm x 100m

Ozbulk Double Braided Cords come in 2 base colours, Solid Black, and white. 8mm x 100m

BBB. Black/Blue/Black 10mm x 100m

BRB, Black/Red/Black 6mm x 200m


Best cutting tool for Ropes and cords. Comes with 2 types of blades (optional). A/C operated, reliable and effective.

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